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  • The 8 staffing trends, from digitization to larger talent pools
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Remaining at the forefront

Change is inevitable, especially in a sector as dynamic as staffing. To make the most of your people and to offer a great talent experience, you need to stay ahead of any trend that impacts your workforce

This guide will give you an overview of the major trends impacting staffing in 2022, along with lessons from leading organizations that are getting ahead of the changes. After reading it, you’ll better understand what’s on the horizon for your workforce. It also offers practical advice on staying updated with the latest trends impacting your organization, in 2022 and beyond.

key staffing trends 2022

Companies in Numbers

85 %

of companies have increased the pace of their digitization since the pandemic started

40 %

of purpose-driven organization influenced by higher workforce retention

30 %

of purpose-driven organization influenced by higher levels of inovation

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There are many widespread trends impacting all parts of staffing, from recruitment to engagement and retention. Ensure your workforce is fit for the future by exploring your options.